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  • Mixed Vegetables (Giardiniera)

    Crunchy, delicious, mixed vegetables,full of colours, are transforming an ordinary salad into a work of art.

    Peppers, carrots, cauliflower, celery, red pepper, turnip, high quality natural vegetables rich in unique flavour and vitamins with health benefits primarily due to their antioxidant substances.

    They are ideal for all dishes, as condiment, accompanying in dishes or in salads. Add them to your salads for crispness, serve with sandwiches or hamburgers as a delicious accompaniment, to pizzas, pasta and many other dishes, but also they form a tasty snack all on their own.

    PET 700 ml PET 750 ml 1 lt
    1.875 lt 3.75 lt 3.3 lt
    4.8 lt 20 lt 200 lt